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Missing Children Policy


All officials of the NCL Cricket tournament are expected to follow rules as outlined in this Missing Children Policy.

Staff members are expected to abide by the following:

a. Frequently count the number of children in their group to ensure that no one is missing.

b. Enforce a policy that no child may leave his group or the premises for any reason without informing the coach or other officials/volunteers/supervisors.

c. Enforce the practice that other children in the group should tell the officials if they notice that anyone else in the group is missing.

d. Not become so involved in the activity at hand that the staff member loses track of the participants who are waiting on the sidelines.

e. Not allow children to be idle for long periods; idle children look for something else to do and wander off without even realizing that they are leaving the group environment.


If a child goes missing, the following steps must be followed:

a. Enquire about the missing child and his whereabouts before reaching a conclusion of any sort.

b. Inform officials of NCL Cricket, who can start conducting an official search in and around the premises.

c. Monitor the exit & entry points.

d. Search the immediate premises and the outlining perimeter.

e. If the child cannot be found post all such efforts, a complaint should then be lodged with the concerned authorities after consulting with the guardian of the child.

f. At any point in this process, if a person is spotted who looks like he or she doesn’t fit in this environment, the officials or any other staff member must be alerted immediately.


a. The Missing Children Policy may be amended from time to time by the NCL Cricket with such amendments coming into effect on the date specified by NCL Cricket.

b. The headings used for the various articles of the Missing Children Policy are for the purpose of guidance only and shall not be deemed to be part of the substance of the Missing Children Policy or to inform or affect in any way the language of the provisions to which they refer.

c. If any Article or provision of the Missing Children Policy is held invalid, unenforceable or illegal for any reason, the Missing Children Policy shall remain otherwise in full force apart from such article or provision which shall be deemed deleted insofar as it is invalid, unenforceable or illegal.


At all times during the NCL Cricket & selection camps, the officials shall ensure that all safety standards are complied with. These would include presence of paramedics/doctors, security guards, trained coaches, and proper equipment/kits to avoid the occurrence of any mishap.

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